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Director + DP + Editor

Alan Dean

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The Phoenix Project

Feature Film

Four scientists craft a machine to reanimate deceased organisms. 

Acquired by independent studio Gunpowder and Sky, formerly Filmbuff, The Phoenix Project received a limited theatrical release and was featured on the homepage of IMDB upon its release. The cinematography got a special mention in the review of the film by the LA Times, and Netflix acquired the rights to stream the film on their platform for five years. The Phoenix Project is currently available to rent on many popular VOD platforms, such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, etc.  

Credit: Director of Photography

Camera Package: RED ONE with Zeiss Super Speeds

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Feature Film

An entrepreneur has his philanthropic startup acquired in a hostile takeover. Now he must successfully pilot the launch of an app for the 1% in order to save his company.

Released by Smith Global Media to VOD platforms including iTunes, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.  

Credit: Director of Photography

Camera Package: Arri Alexa Classic with Zeiss Master Primes

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Cotton Mouth

Feature Film

In the near future, a paranoid computer programmer disconnects himself by hiding out in a bizarre, isolated retirement community.

Featuring Original Music by Jimmy Tamborello
Official Selection of the Bend Film Festival, 2016  

Credit: Director of Photography

Camera Package: Canon 5D Mark II with Zeiss ZE Primes

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